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“The term ‘choreography has gone viral. In the last five years it has suddenly mobilized as a general referent for any structuring movement, not necessarily the movement of human beings. Choreography can stipulate both the kinds of actions performed and their sequence or progression. (…) Sometimes designating minute aspects of movement, or alternatively, sketching out the broad contours of action within which variation might occur, choreography constitutes a plan or score according to which movement unfolds. Building choreograph space and people’s movement throughout them. (…) Web services choreograph interfaces; and even existence is choreographed. Choreography, then would seem to apply to the structuring of movement in highly diverse diverse occasion, yet always where some kind of order or desired to regulate that movement,“ (Rosenthal et al, 2010)

Choreographing design is a starting point in how to relate to my interests as an individual to my design practice and to the current technological media culture. As I mentioned before, digital media apparatus represent a network of people, politics, aesthetics, economies. The computer is the device most explored in my practical work as a designer, and the computer screen as it is conventionally presented carries a very particular mode of spectatorship. I am interested in the relationship between the user and the visual system he/she encounters, and to challenge the tensions between stasis and the ability to move, materiality and immateriality, and the different perceptual experiences that may arise from the act of viewing and interacting with it.

An important point in developing my project towards a live setting was the question of presence: being here and now. Breaking the distancing between mind/body, self/other, subject/object, designer/design piece; discovery/invention. This way, enhancing the idea of process over product: processes of becoming, becoming structures, becoming in the form of words, text, visuals, graphics. Simultaneously the actions throughout the composition process are being stored in the history of the computer, making it possible to re-create it.

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