CURRENTLY, CURRENTLY, CURRENTLY: Lens-Based Media Graduation Show 2024

Master students of the Lens-Based Media programme at the Piet Zwart Institute invite you to their graduation show at V2 and WORM, Rotterdam.

We are here and we need to tell you something. CURRENTLY, CURRENTLY, CURRENTLY brings attention to urgent questions through the practice of moving image. Along 14 distinct works, each their own current, we explore personal, political and ecological concerns in the world we live in.

Currently, it has to do with all of us.

Featuring: Sara Fattahi, Clara Franke, Ieva Grabauskaite, Yalou Groeneweg, Luni Milda Jančoraitė, Sam Koopman, Aitana López Rodrigo, Nosh Neneh, Panida Petchara (Te), Nina Rojc, Muyang Teng, Claudio Tola, Arabella Turner, Lau Zautsen

CURRENTLY, CURRENTLY, CURRENTLY - MA Lens-Based Media Graduation Show 2024

The PZI Master Lens Based Media is a full-time, two-year, research driven program.
The program focuses primarily on artistic and experimental lens-based practices (both still and moving image/animation) that embrace the use of artifice, formal and technical innovation, fictional strategies, and other unconventional visual approaches to create new and meaningful visions of the world. We support visions that seek to move beyond the conventional narratives of our society and create new impetus in the viewer towards an open-eyed engagement with myriad challenges humans (and non-humans) collectively face in a world saturated with disinformation, increasing polarisation and fragmentations of communities, centuries-old political and social injustices, marginalisation of the most vulnerable, and a rapidly degrading global environment.


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Piet Zwart Institute Master Media Design and Communication
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences